Welcome to Meet and Eat!

We help you make friends who also like food and go on food adventures through “Meet and Eats”.

What’s a Meet & Eat?

A Meet & Eat is a gathering of 8-10 people where you’ll eat with the owner/chef of a local eatery. They’ll tell the story behind the spot and you’ll taste their recommended items. You’ll meet other like-minded folks too-the type you’ll want to hang out with after.

Bring a small group of friends or just yourself and we’ll take care of the rest.

Text your full name and ‘Y” to (650) 600-0516 to be added to our invite list for future Meet & Eats!


Q: How much is a Meet & Eat?

A: We try to keep each M&E at $15-$30, depending on the eatery’s costs

Q: Can I bring people?

A: Absolutely, just let us know because spots fill up fast!

Q: Do I have to be an influencer or a foodie?

A: Nope! Meet & Eat is all about helping locals and those new to the city connect with new people they’ll actually hang out with.

Q: Where do Meet & Eats happen?

A: They happen all over LA, directly in the eateries themselves.

Q: How do I RSVP?

A: Use the Partiful link next to each upcoming event below or the link included in the SMS invite.

Q: How do I sign up for future invites?

A: Text your full name and ‘Y” to (650) 600-0516

Upcoming Meet & Eats

Saturday January 22nd @ 12pm Lowkey Burritos (Mar Vista) RSVP

Saturday February 5th @ 11am Tlayuda LA (East Hollywood) RSVP

Saturday February 12th @ 11am L.A. Birria (DTLA) RSVP

Saturday February 19th @ 1:30pm Alana’s Coffee Roasters (WeHo Location) RSVP

Thursday February 24th @ 7pm Woon (Silverlake) RSVP

Past Meet & Eats

Saturday June 5th @ 11:30am Lowkey Burritos (Mar Vista)

Saturday June 12th Tlayuda LA @ 10:30am (East Hollywood)

Saturday June 12th @ 1pm The Bombay Frankie Company (Culver City)

Saturday June 12th @ 5pm Falafel Chee (Palms)

Sunday June 13th @ 1pm Zafran Pot (Palms)

Thursday June 24th @ 5pm Sara the Wine Bar (Palms)

Saturday July 10th @ 1pm My Lai (Mar Vista)

Friday July 23rd @ 7:30pm SuperYum Bakery *Baked Goods and Booze Pairing Edition* (Larchmont) –> Tasting Menu

Saturday July 24th @ 1:30pm Alana’s Coffee Roasters *Coffee Cupping Edition* (Mar Vista)

Sunday July 25th @ 7pm Alta (West Adams)

Saturday July 31st @ 5pm Falafel Chee (Palms)

Saturday August 7th @ 1pm Zafran Pot (Palms) –> Tasting Menu + Pics

Saturday August 14th @ 11:30am Lowkey Burritos (Mar Vista) *Make Your Own Cheese Crust Burrito* $20/person

Sunday August 15th @ 7pm Saffron & Rose (Westwood) $10/person

Saturday August 21st @ 1:30pm Hotcakes Bakes (Mar Vista) $10/person

Saturday August 21st @ 1:30pm Alana’s Coffee Roasters *Coffee Cupping Edition* (Mar Vista) $10/person

Saturday August 21st @ 5pm Bombay Frankie Company (Culver City) $10/person

Sunday August 22nd @ 7:30pm Honey’s Kettle (Culver City) $15/person

Saturday September 4th @ 3:30pm Scoops (Torrance) Free Event *Fully Booked*

Tuesday September 28th @ 7:00pm Saffron & Rose (Westwood) $20/person

Friday October 1st @ 3:00pm Paradis (Sherman Oaks) $10/person

Wednesday October 20th @ 6pm Wi KBBQ (Koreatown) $20/person

Sunday November 14th @ 7pm L.A. Birria (DTLA) $20/person covers Birria Ramen, Eggroll, Quesataco, and Agua Fresca Address: *3330 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA*

Saturday November 20th @ 4pm Falafel Chee (Culver City) $5/person includes a falafel tasting menu Address: 10817 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Thursday December 2nd @ 7pm Ayara Thai (Playa Vista) $25/person includes an eight course tasting menu. Address: 6245 W 87th St, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Saturday December 11th @ 12pm Doubting Thomas (Historic Filipinotown) $30/person includes a six course tasting menu Address: 2510 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90026